Emily Haines of Metric has Joined The Fleet! FLEETLABS, is a collaborations project dedicated to empowering disadvantaged youth through the power of songs. Having been nurtured and artistically encouraged by her father, the legendary poet, thinker, and writer, Paul Haines, it would seem apt that her design would reflect the power of writing as a purposeful and freeing form of self-expression. Proceeds from this beautiful PENdant, Haines’ own custom design collaboration, have supported HearMe and will fund a creative environment for children to collaborate and develop their own personal voice. #FLEET4HEARME


This 4″ brass pen looks like a long Brass bullet, but when you open it, the sound is like pulling a sword from it’s sheath. Inside it is engraved with the Dreams So Real lyric, “believe in the power of songs”, reminding us all what we stand for, and who we stand with. The ink insert is a refillable black fisher space pen, reliable under any circumstance, making the body of this piece last a lifetime Swaying in on a brass snake chain at 28″. Handmade. USA, Wear this piece with pride, knowing you, believe in the power of songs.

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